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Is it time for your girl to do her part to help save the world? Of course, it is! She's ready to "morph" and she probably wants to be just like her favorite character, too! Yes, she wants to be the Yellow Ranger, and we have to say, it's a really great choice. Of course, we love all the Power Rangers features in the new 2017 Power Rangers movie, but we think Trini Kwan is one of the coolest.Trini needs the Yellow Power Coin to transform into the Yellow Ranger, but your girl doesn't need anything magical to do the same. All she's going to need is this officially licensed Deluxe Yellow Ranger child costume! With all of the style from the action packed movie, your girl will be ready to step up and help battle Rita Repulsa and Goldar. We think those bad guys won't know what to do when they see her piloting the Sabertooth Megazord!This costume has all the details to achieve the official costume style. It's a polyester jumpsuit that has printed details designed to look just like the Yellow Ranger's suit, and it features foam shoulder pieces for an extra armor effect. The front plastic mask completes her style, and will have her ready to join the team. Get her this deluxe costume, and we think this Halloween, it's going to be "Morphin Time!"

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