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It was billed as "three days of peace and music." And though there were plenty of complications along the way (like rain, mud, and way more people showing up than originally expected), this legendary festival turned out to be the most important three days in the evolution of modern pop music. And though you may never be able to say you were "there," that doesn't mean you can't show your appreciation for what may be the biggest musical happening of the last 50 years. So go "there" – at least in spirit – by putting on this groovy Woodstock Summer of '69 Womens Raglan Shirt!Officially licensed, this awesome black and white shirt is in a vintage raglan style, and depicts a retro Woodstock concert poster on the front. It's a great look for any lover of the psychedelic era who wants to be both stylish and casual. There's no better item to wear if you're going to a big music festival, concert, or even the actual Woodstock (which you can still visit today). So keep the Summer of 69 alive and order your own Woodstock shirt today!

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