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Hey dudette! So you're new to Rydell High, are ya? Well come on in. We'd be happy to give you the skinny.Over there you got the hippies. Bit weird with their fringe and hair, but whatever. The jocks hang out over by the lockers. Rydell's got quite the football team. The socialites are over at that table, and of course you probably saw those hunky greasers out front with their girlfriends. They like to call themselves the T-Birds and Pink Ladies. What? No, you wouldn't wanna hang with them. They got this on-going feud with a band of degenerates called the Scorpions. Pretty full of drama too. And that Danny Zuko? Yeah, sure, he's a stone fox, but he's a bit of an operator, if you know what we're saying.You should totally just hang out with us. Rydell's cheer squad is one of the best around. Prettiest girls, biggest smiles, and we have some killer cheers. Seriously, you should try out! We'll just need to get you in the right outfit. It looks just like this Grease Rydell High Cheerleader Costume. It comes with a polyester sweater with three-quarter sleeves, and key hole with button on back. There's the Rydell logo on front with a megaphone, and a red collar. There's also a red polyester skirt. You'll look dolled up for sure in these threads. We're pretty sure you could make the team with your eyes closed. But don't do that. We wouldn't want you to run into anyone and get hurt. We'd lose our new cheerleader!

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