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You know what we love best about the D.C. area? The buildings! The buildings are great! We also really love all the monuments to our forefathers. And man, when those cherry trees blossom in the spring, you can’t ask for a better sight to see than those pink petals amongst those old white stone monuments to this great nation’s history!You know what else we really like about D.C.? The music scene! You might not know this, but D.C. is the home of a lot of genre-bending and creating music pockets. It’s been a hotbed for punk, and it’s even the birthplace of the go-go scene, a style of music you should definitely check out if you’re not already familiar with it! And yeah, we don’t really get into the nuance of politics, but you gotta respect a town that’s basically the heart of everything that happens, law and politics-wise! Lots of action in that ol’ D.C. area!Oh, and of course, there’s football! If you’ve got a mini future football pro at your house who’s cray-cray for the D.C. teams, then this This NFL Redskins Uniform Costume is gonna make their dreams come true! They’ll feel like a pro player in this officially licensed costume. It’s the perfect costume for the Sunday football game with the big kids! Wear this set to see the game at Fedex Field or go out in the backyard and get a neighborhood game of football going! Go long!

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