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We spend half our lives trying to prove whether or not some of our most favorite and fanciful of beliefs might be real. That mix of reality and fantasy is an intersection of some serious curiosity. Among them, one of the most prevailing quests is to prove the existence of the magical realm of the North Pole: Santa’s workshop. Does the enchanted man exists? Do his elves craft mysterious toys aided by the magic of the legendary St. Nick? What of his flying reindeer? Well, if one exists, surely the rest of them do, too! But, that doesn’t leave us an answer to the final question… the one that plagues every fan of any of our most favorite shows…Where is the magical throne of Mr. Claus? It’s never spoken of in the stories, just the same as we never hear about the epic Number One of Star Trek’s Enterprise bridge crew dropping a number two. Where do these amazing heroes and mystical beings take care of business? Where are the facilities!? Well, you can finally give everyone the answer we have so long pursued with this Toilet Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater. The bright green and red are Christmasy and the iconic Chris Kringle is seated pleasantly pooping on the porcelain altar. Finally, the answer is known. Indeed, everybody poops.

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