Persis Clayton Weirs

White-Tailed Deer Happy Halloween Flag With Rosemary Millette Art

Always on alert, it doesn't take much for the white-tailed deer to become spooked – no scary Halloween decorations needed! Now, add a wild touch of enchantment to a Halloween party and greet guests during the Halloween season with a… Continue Reading →

Forest Guardians Custom Crafted Wooden Strongbox

Standing tall with an air of authority, five white-tailed deer emerge from the wintry forest. They watch over their snowy domain with eyes alert and bodies still. Strong, bold and crowned with 10-point racks, they are nature's nobility. Now, the… Continue Reading →

Forest Monarch Whitetail Deer Stein

The first snow of winter blankets the deep forest in a mantle of white. Five whitetail deer make their stately progression through the thickets, each magnificent buck with a mighty crown of antlers and noble bearings. They are brother monarchs… Continue Reading →

White-Tailed Deer Wildlife Art Flag Collection: Wild Tails Holiday

Behold nature's majestic beauty! A stunning vision of white-tailed deer is one that enhances every season, which is why we are very excited to premiere a first-ever wildlife art flag collection showcasing the remarkable work of three Wild Wings artists:… Continue Reading →

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