Thomas Kinkade Blessed And Holy Night Nativity Figurine Collection

Enjoy the retelling of Jesus' birth with this Thomas Kinkade Nativity figurine collection exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division! Evoking the exquisite Nativity artwork of the world's great churches and cathedrals, your collection of Christmas story figurines begins… Continue Reading →

Always With You Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace

During his time on earth, Jesus brought us a multitude of blessings that continues to touch our lives. Now you can wear a sparkling reminder of His abiding love and rich blessings of faith with the Always With You pendant… Continue Reading →

Light Of The World Religious Illuminated Cold-Cast Bronze Sculpture Collection

Jesus Christ brought us the radiant light of redemption and Heaven's eternal love. Now, let His loving gifts bring glowing inspiration into your home with the Light of the World Sculpture Collection, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. This limited-edition, one-of-a-kind… Continue Reading →

Sculpture: Thomas Kinkade Crystal Ascension Sculpture

Celebrate the uplifting blessings of the miracle of Jesus' transfiguration and ascension at Easter in an illuminated masterpiece of sculpture, light and genuine crystal. Presenting the Thomas Kinkade Crystal Ascension Sculpture, a first ever limited edition exclusively from The Bradford… Continue Reading →

Thomas Kinkade Blessed And Holy Night Nativity Set

Smart shoppers realize the unparalleled value in handcrafted collectibles and fine jewelry designs. Meticulous artistry, limited editions and exclusive offers are the hallmark of The Bradford Exchange Online.Strong demand is expected for this brand-new item, so don't miss this unique… Continue Reading →

Light Of The World Illuminated Sculpture Collection

"Let there be light," said by the Lord in the earliest days of creation, is one among over 100 verses in the Bible referencing "light." The concept of light is forever wed to the Savior's love, His power and the… Continue Reading →

In God's Hands Religious Art Figurine Collection

Let the presence of the Lord bring you lasting comfort through the powerful symbol of his praying hands. A limited-edition religious art figurine collection, graced with the work of famed religious artist Greg Olsen, brings the faith and hope of… Continue Reading →

Thomas Kinkade His Love And Light Sculpture Collection

Jesus Christ's love and light shines on all of us, reminding us of His beloved lessons from life. Now, you can celebrate His powerful messages with the Thomas Kinkade His Love and Light Sculpture Collection, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange…. Continue Reading →

Necklace: Our Father Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

His abiding love is our strength; His steady hand and ever-present guidance, our assurance. He is Our Father, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, always there to listen to our prayers and restore our faith. Now, you can keep the Heavenly… Continue Reading →

Bless All Who Enter Here Personalized Religious Outdoor Welcome Sign

Faith is a powerful gift that opens our hearts to the love and compassion we share with friends and family. Now, you can share a blessing with all the guests that enter your home with this Bless All Who Enter… Continue Reading →

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