Star Wars 3D Deco Lights – Millennium Falcon

Star Wars Gifts: The Dark Side is a very turbulent place. Sure they have cookies, but there are nooks and crannies in which darkness reigns so supreme, if you merely enter, you're likely to stub your toe. And even in… Continue Reading →

Star Wars Death Star Bedding – Sheets – Queen

Some of the nicest people we know just aren't morning people. They're basically morning Sith. They can be great humanitarians and the best shoulder to cry on, but if you catch them before 10 a.m.? You'll be sorry. To those… Continue Reading →

Pizza Charm Stud Earrings – Silver

We love pizza so much, we're ready to throw down and say that it might just be the perfect food. All four food groups are represented: from the soft-yet-crispy carb crust, to the fruit/vegetable tomato sauce, to the calcium-rich dairy… Continue Reading →

Star Wars Chewbacca Furry Shoulder Bag

Star Wars Gifts: There's a story that during the first Star Wars movie (A New Hope) Chewbacca carried a bag which in the script reportedly contained tools and stuff for fixing the Falcon, but in actuality Peter Mayhew kept peanut… Continue Reading →

Poké Ball Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing would bring us greater joy that putting everything we love inside a Poké Ball, where it could simply pop out the moment we call for it. "Hey cheesecake, hey Spock Prime, hey Firefly Season 2, come on out!" However,… Continue Reading →

Stitches Ring – His, Size 12

Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them unto thy soul with hoops of steel – Polonius, Hamlet, Act I, Scene 3 The stitches and staples on the exterior of this ring? They're not the kind that dissolve…. Continue Reading →

Starling City Police Badge (Arrow TV Series)

Members of the Starling City Police Department sure do have a lot on their plates. And when things finally start to let up, it's only because there's a crazy hooded vigilante out there, which is just more work (and paperwork)… Continue Reading →

Beowulf Graphic Novel

Beowulf. If you didn't have to read it in high school, now's your chance. It's about a hero and a monster and that monster's mommy and a dragon. Initially Grendel, the monster, kills the humans because they have a loud… Continue Reading →

Iron Man Porch Light Cover

Think your Halloween party (or birthday) is going to be super? Well, make it super literally with this officially-licensed Iron Man Porch Light Cover.These are for use with a 60 watt bulb max. The porch light cover SHOULD NOT TOUCH… Continue Reading →

Gudetama Puffy Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag

You know, we kind of get where Gudetama is coming from. He knows he's doomed. He's never going to become a chicken (or a duck. or a dinosaur. whatever.). His Final Form is part of somebody's breakfast or lunch. That's… Continue Reading →

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