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Ted Blaylock Breaking The Clouds Eagle Wall Clock

With the mighty beat of its powerful wings as it soars through the mountains, the American bald eagle is the epitome of freedom and a wondrous symbol of the land it calls home. Now, the stunning eagle artwork of acclaimed… Continue Reading →

Deer Art Candleholder Collection: Pride Of The Forest

With just one look at a majestic white-tailed buck, it's easy to see that boundless freedom burns within the heart of nature. Now, this first-of-a-kind deer art candleholder collection brings the glowing essence of the wilderness into your home, beginning… Continue Reading →

Russ Docken Native Dreams Native American Style Wall Decor Collection

It is said that in the unseen world of dreams, true seekers may connect with the wisdom of ancient spirits. Now, the Russ Docken Native Dreams Wall Decor Collection brings the powerful tradition of spirit guides to life through the… Continue Reading →

Sculpture: Summoning The Chiefs Sculpture

Opening himself to the guidance of the spirits, a warrior spirit dancer reaches out to the spirits of the great men who have gone before him, calling upon them to share their wisdom. Now, this stunning Summoning the Chiefs Sculpture… Continue Reading →

Majestic Reflections Art Glass Eagle Sculpture Collection

America's majestic symbol of freedom, the bald eagle, is magnificently portrayed as never before in luminous art glass. Since its earliest origins, dating as far back as 3100 BC in ancient Egypt, art glass has become one of the most… Continue Reading →

Summoning The Pack Native American-Inspired Wall Decor Dreamcatcher

For as long as man has gazed heavenward, he has been captivated by the mystical lure of the Northern Lights. Now, for the first time ever, a limited-edition Native American-inspired dreamcatcher brings the intoxicating beauty of that heavenly phenomenon into… Continue Reading →

Disney Mickey Mouse Moving Eyes Wall Clock

Entertaining. Engaging. And just plain fun. The same words that can be used to describe Mickey Mouse can now be applied to a premier collectible inspired by his animated character – the Disney Mickey Mouse Motion Wall Clock, a custom… Continue Reading →

Footprints In The Sand Wall Clock

Sometimes when you feel the most alone, you are loved the most of all. It is this special knowledge of the Lord's unending love that makes the inspirational "Footprints in the Sand" poem a timeless classic of faith. The message… Continue Reading →

Thomas Kinkade Merry Christmas Decorative Flag

Let the luminous artistry of Thomas Kinkade bring the beauty of the Holiday Season to your home with the first-ever Thomas Kinkade collectible decorative flag! Graced with Mr. Kinkade's beloved painting, "A Holiday Gathering," this eye-catching decorative flag is also… Continue Reading →

Thomas Kinkade "Home Sweet Home" Heart-Shaped Framed Wall Decor

Art helps make a house, a home! Art also fills a home with welcoming atmosphere. For more than two decades, people the world over have enjoyed the heartwarming art of Thomas Kinkade. Now you can welcome friends to your home… Continue Reading →

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