Cuckoo Clock: Spirited Shih Tzus Cuckoo Clock

They're darling beyond compare, a companion you bond with like no other. Sweet little Shih Tzus certainly make every moment more fun! Now, you can celebrate these precious pups with the endearing Spirited Shih Tzus Cuckoo Clock, a limited edition… Continue Reading →

Linda Picken German Shepherd Cuckoo Clock

From the dog days of summer through the bone-chilling days of winter, every moment of the year is better when it's spent with friends – lovable German Shepherd friends, that is! Now, four of the most beautiful Shepherds you'll ever… Continue Reading →

Silver Moon Express Wolf Art Electric Train Collection

Encounter the majesty of the noble wolf with this heirloom quality electric train collection! Your adventure begins with Issue One, featuring the impressive steam locomotive and coal tender. Soon after you can hop aboard Issue Two, a classic train car,… Continue Reading →

Ted Blaylock Breaking The Clouds Eagle Wall Clock

With the mighty beat of its powerful wings as it soars through the mountains, the American bald eagle is the epitome of freedom and a wondrous symbol of the land it calls home. Now, the stunning eagle artwork of acclaimed… Continue Reading →

Deer Art Candleholder Collection: Pride Of The Forest

With just one look at a majestic white-tailed buck, it's easy to see that boundless freedom burns within the heart of nature. Now, this first-of-a-kind deer art candleholder collection brings the glowing essence of the wilderness into your home, beginning… Continue Reading →

Majestic Visions Handcrafted Porcelain Stein Collection

The mystery and allure of the wolf has captivated us for ages. Now, you can salute this noble guardian and its home in the wild with an intoxicating wolf art porcelain stein collection. Only from The Bradford Exchange, the Majestic… Continue Reading →

Linda Picken Dachshund Crystal Heart Personalized Decorative Dog Clock

When your sweet little Dachshund scampered into your life, he scampered into your heart! Now, the Dachshund Crystal Heart Personalized Clock is a timely tribute to the dog that fills every moment with love. Available in a limited edition only… Continue Reading →

Men's Necklace: Sedona Spirit Pendant Necklace

Native American folklore tells us that, because eagles fly closer to the heavens than any other creature on earth, they are powerful spirit messengers. Now, this handsome Sedona Spirit Pendant Necklace unites the symbolic power of the eagle with the… Continue Reading →

Deer Art Men's Fleece Jacket: Forest King

Surround yourself with the exhilaration of the wilderness in comfort and style! This deer art men's fleece jacket is a custom design exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Versatile, comfortable and warm, it's a perfect fit for the sportsman, and it… Continue Reading →

Gone Fishing Men's Leather Jacket

In the silence you hear the "plunk" as your lure hits the water. Within moments, he strikes, and with a leaping splash the trophy-size battler breaks the surface. He's hooked… and so are you! This custom-crafted fishing art leather jacket… Continue Reading →

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