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We all know that going out can be kind of like entering a battle zone. And if there's one thing we learned from Star Wars, it would definitely be that you don't go into a skirmish without your trusty droid by your side. Therefore, we suggest that if you have a big night on the town planned, you should rock these stunning R2D2 heels to make sure you come out victorious!These elaborately detailed heels comes from the shoe making masterminds at Irregular Choice, and this creation of theirs is another show stopping production. With a glittery design finish over a mesh body, this shoe will have you standing out like no other. The shoe pattern is accented with x-wing outlines, jewels and star logos. Wearing them is kind of like having a whole battle scene on your foot! And we haven't even gotten to the heels yet… R2D2 anybody? That's right, on each foot, you'll have a 4" vinyl version of the famous astromech to be your copilot. Because if there's one thing better than having a mini droid to help you on your journey, it's gotta be having two little Artoos!

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