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We all know the best part of every Star Wars movie: the droids.Because, let's face it, nothing would ever get done without the droids' help. R2 carried Princess Leia's message to the last known Jedi. BB-8 delivered super secret intel to the Resistance. C-3PO knows not only a variety of languages and protocols, but is a master at comedic timing. These are only the famous droids. There were dozens of other robots fixing, shooting, and fighting alongside the freedom fighters. The Rebel Alliance and the Resistance would've failed long ago if it hadn't been for these industrious little droids.So if you know a youngster who appreciates droids as much as we do, then check out this Star Wars Ep 7 Droids in Technicolor Raglan Shirt. This white cotton shirt has black contrasting sleeves, an unfinished hemline, and a multi-colored picture of the droids of Episode 7. This way your young one can show off their appreciation of the best characters in the Star Wars galaxy, the droids themselves.

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