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As the company says, “Keep doing your thing, and we’ll keep doing ours.” If you wear this Rolling Rock Mens Kelly/White T-shirt, you’re an original. You like to do you. You’re an independent spirit, as they say. Rolling Rock premium extra pale lager has been an independent spirit since 1939. A little water, malt, rice, hops, corn and brewer’s yeast––and the iconic green bottle––make up the beer you love. A little classic logo, stitched sleeve stripes and ringer collar––and iconic green cotton and polyester blend––make up the T-shirt destined to be a favorite in your closet. Of course, the Rolling Rock logo is officially licensed. Rolling Rock might not be produced in Latrobe anymore, but the original quality of quality stands strong.Do you know why each can or bottle has “33” on the back? Theories abound, and the company isn’t telling… or doesn’t know. 1933 was the year Prohibition ended. 33 degrees is the temperature at which the beer is brewed and the ideal serving temperature. 33 springs lead into the reservoir from which the brewery drew water. There are 33 steps involved in making beer from water. One of the founding brothers had a racehorse #33. The original brewery had 33 steps on a staircase from the brew master’s office to the brewery floor. There are a few more theories––take your pick! But enjoy your new T-shirt and favorite brew.

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