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Under normal circumstances, the Christmas season is often accompanied by the possibility of snow, not rain. However, when you wear this Pole Dancing Elves Ugly Christmas Sweater there is a statistically higher chance that one of your friends is going to make it rain! Dollar bills, that is!All jokes aside, this is actually a serious matter. People just do not realize that elves are people, too. Well, technically, they are elves–but what we mean is, they have feelings. Elves need to let their hair down from time to time, just like the rest of us. Making toys for every child in the world, you see, can be a bit stressful. So this sweater helps you spread the message–with a dash of tackiness and a pinch of the risque– that elves have a life outside the toy workshop, and are more fun than the legends let on. So wear this to your Christmas sweater party and start the conversation about diversifying the portrayal of elves in the media! And shut down anyone who tries to shame their choices.

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