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If ever you're late to a hugely important business meeting and feel like pulling out the old "got attacked by zombies on my way to work" excuse, well, first of all, you're awesome. Because we wouldn't have the guts (pardon the pun). But second, and most importantly, that awesome excuse is simply not going to work with your boss if you roll in to that meeting looking like your regular old professional self, in your regular old suit and tie. Luckily, the good folks over at OppoSuits (fine purveyors of those wacky, larger than life, but also high-quality and super-stylish suits) have come up with a way for you to pull it off. In case the need ever arises, make sure you've got this scarily dapper Men's OppoSuits Zombiac Suit in your wardrobe!Like all OppoSuits, this slick outfit is designed to get attention without sacrificing style or fashion, so it's supremely designed, well-made, and comes in a tasteful, sleek, and flattering slim-fit style. It's great if you want to truly dress up for Halloween, and not throw fashion out the window by hiding under a mask. It's truly the best of both worlds — with this suit, you can be a dashing gentleman and still get in the Halloween spirit.And yes, as we mentioned, it's also perfect for convincing your bosses that you were attacked by a horde of the undead when you pop into work a few minutes late. While we can't guaranteed they'll buy it, we can guarantee that you'll look absolutely awesome wearing the Men's OppoSuits Zombiac Suit this Halloween!

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