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Mickey Mouse has a long history of being adorable. Ever since he first popped on the screen for Steamboat Willie, all the way until now, he just has a way of melting hearts. It’s no wonder that he’d make the perfect cuddle buddy and this Mickey Mouse Jumbo Pillow does it with astoundingly soft style.This officially licensed, giant Mickey Mouse pillow is made of an ultra-soft polyester shell, and is filled with a fiberfill stuffing that makes it comfortable to cuddle with while heading to bed, or while curling up on the couch for a nice Disney movie night. It even measures over 2 feet wide! That’s enough Mickey Mouse to keep any fan of the classic Disney character feeling comfy and cozy any time of the day. The top of the pillow has sculpted details that recreate Mickey Mouse’s iconic face, making him an adorable plush for playtime. Just toss him on the couch and pop in your favorite Disney Blu-ray.

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Mickey Mouse Jumbo Pillow Pet from Disney by

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