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We’ve all heard all the common ‘sayings.’  Saving pennies, green grass on the other side, black cats and randomly abandoned ladders in an alley…  Of course, the best do tend to speak about the ability to find victory even in the midst of possible defeat.  It is for this reason that we never give up on those bicycles or horses.  Falling off is no excuse and even when we’re talking about epic ones, bucking broncos for example, sticking with it always leads to success!  Of course, each adage has an origin that helps to explain the true sentiments.  And, our bucking bronco has nothing to do with eager old west cowboy sheriffs!  No, this is all about the orange and white, the mighty steed of Denver and American football!  No one gets to victory on their own and the road to success is never a quick and easy one. So, you have to show that you believe your team can make it to the end of the field, leaping over their own hurdles… specifically the other team’s players!  You can show off your fandom and join in the cheer of victory with this officially licensed NFL Denver Broncos Critical Victory T-Shirt.  The bright orange is going to be recognized anywhere, just like the iconic flowing mane of the white bronco logo, itself.  The comfy cotton fabric will keep you from sweating while watching on Superbowl Sunday whether you’re in your own home, in the stadium, or even if you’re on the field itself, wearing it with secret pride no matter which team you’re actually on!

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