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Well, how ya doin' puddin'It's no secret that Harley Quinn is kind of a basketcase. Although, very beautiful she definitely has a few screws loose. She's completely unpredictable, irrational, and destructive, plus have we mentioned that men all around the world have a giant crush on her? We don't know if it's her erratic behavior or crazy clown makeup that makes all the guys swoon, but we do know that she does have a way with men, especially The Joker. If you admit to having even the slightest crush on the one and only Harley Quinn then you'll love making a bold statement with this Harley Quinn big face sublimated shirt!This officially licensed polyester t-shirt has a sublimated image of the DC comic version of Harley Quinn on front. If you look closely, in the bottom corner, then you can see a an image of Joker laughing maniacally (as usual) and firing a weapon. Batman is also off in the distance if you look closely!

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