The Bradford Exchange Online - Forest Monarch Whitetail Deer Stein Photo

The first snow of winter blankets the deep forest in a mantle of white. Five whitetail deer make their stately progression through the thickets, each magnificent buck with a mighty crown of antlers and noble bearings. They are brother monarchs of the wilderness. Come face to face with nature with the Forest Monarch Stein, an Heirloom Porcelain® stein featuring stunning whitetail deer artwork with classic Bavarian-style motifs along with bas-relief sculpting capturing rich copper, golden and bronze tones throughout, available in a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange.Prepare to have your breath taken away by this meticulously handcrafted and hand-painted stein featuring the beautiful wintery artwork by acclaimed wildlife artist Persis Clayton Weirs. This enchanting heirloom porcelain stein showcases three noble deer watching from their forest fortress, with two other majestic deer following suit on the back of the stein. Each wondrous image is surrounded by a handsome golden frame of entwining oak leaves that highlight the subtle bark texture of the stein. This unique stein is topped off with a coppery metal alloy lid which comes crowned by a bronze-toned fully sculptural metal ten-point buck. The creative Bavarian-style "antler" handle design and oak leaf thumb rest add the perfect finishing touch. You will want these splendid deer holding fort in your home. Demand is expected to be strong; hurry and order now!

Forest Monarch Whitetail Deer Stein by The Bradford Exchange Online

Price: $99.95 
Condition: New