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In every elephant herd, the mighty matriarch leads with strength, compassion, and a fiercely protective spirit. Now, inspired by the original artwork of acclaimed British artist Blake Jensen, this first-ever Rarest Gem Elephants of the World Figurine Collection unites the elephant's legendary spirit with the bold beauty of the world's rarest jewels, beginning with Issue One, Matriarch of the Red Diamond. Next to arrive will be Issue Two, Matriarch of the Jadeite, followed by Issue Three, Matriarch of the Serendibite. Each issue will arrive separately.‡ After you've acquired Issue Three, you will receive the remaining 7 elephant figurines along with a custom-designed curio display as Issue Four, so you can enjoy and display your entire collection without having to wait. You will be billed for each remaining figurine and the display one at a time at the same low issue price (plus shipping and service).A Hamilton Collection exclusive, this dramatic collection brings you 10 mighty elephants. Each figurine is expertly handcrafted in sparkling crystalline by Master Artisans to capture the finely faceted look of precious gems, including red diamond, blue garnet, black opal and many more. The artistic vision of Blake Jensen shines through each of these magnificent elephant figurines, highlighted by the polished mirrored bases that come with them. Displayed together within their custom display case, they are a treasure-house of brilliant beauty that is sure to become a focal point in your home. However, strong demand is expected for this limited-edition collection, so don't delay. Order now!

Figurines: Rarest Gem Elephants Of The World Figurine Collection by The Bradford Exchange Online

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