The Bradford Exchange Online - Eagle Figurine Collection: Reflections Of The American Eagle Photo

Let the extraordinary grace and unmatched splendor of the bald eagle and rare gems fill your heart with pride in a first-ever eagle figurine collection by acclaimed artist Blake Jensen. Your stunning eagle collection begins with Issue One, Spirit of Benitoite. Soon, you will receive Issue Two, Spirit of Jade, and Issue Three, Spirit of Conch Pearls. Each issue will arrive separately.‡ After you've received Issue Three, you will receive the remaining 7 collectible eagle figurines and Custom Display all at once. The display is custom designed with recessed shelves to perfectly fit each eagle figurine, so you can display and enjoy your entire collection without having to wait. You will be billed for each remaining eagle figurine and the display one at a time at the same low issue price (plus shipping and service).Available exclusively from The Hamilton Collection, each striking bald eagle in this figurine collection is handcrafted by Master Artisans and meticulously hand-painted to reflect a precious rare gem, including jade, emeralds, garnets and more. Each American eagle stands atop a mirrored base for added beauty. Plus, this collection arrives with a rich-cherry finished wooden display case so you can immediately show off each gem figurine with pride. Strong demand is expected and editions are limited, and you won't want to miss out, so order now!

Eagle Figurine Collection: Reflections Of The American Eagle by The Bradford Exchange Online

Price: $29.99 
Condition: New