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The ultimate entertainer, Disney's Mickey Mouse happily broke into the moving picture biz in the late 1920s and America went wild. "He Talks! He Sings! He Dances!" shouted a movie poster for Wild Waves. America got the message loud and clear and they wanted to see it all! Now, you can recapture that early excitement with the Disney Mickey Mouse Vintage Comic Glass Collection, a design original from The Bradford Exchange. Arriving in sets of two glasses each, your Mickey Mouse glassware collection begins with Issue One, Building a Building and Mickey Mouse. Next to arrive will be Issue Two, another set of two artistic glasses. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Three, the Display – a $130 value, yours for the same low price as a set of two glasses, and additional sets of two Mickey Mouse glasses, each set a separate issue to follow.‡Each heirloom-quality glass in the collection features a different piece of vintage poster artwork on the front and a golden 1928 logo, featuring an exuberant Mickey Mouse, on the back. Every glass is triple fired to ensure the utmost clarity and brilliance of the artwork for years to come. And as a fitting tribute to these golden moments in time, each glass is finished with a 22K gold rim. Included with the collection is a custom wooden display that holds 12 glasses and features a retro-inspired topper. Perfect for any fan who loves heirloom-quality Disney collectible treasures, this collection is a wonderful way to celebrate the enduring charm of Disney's Mickey Mouse. The edition is limited to 95 firing days and strong demand is expected, so don't delay. Order now!Fine collectibles, not intended for children.

Disney Mickey Mouse Vintage Comic Glass Collection With Wooden Display Case by The Bradford Exchange Online

Price: $59.99 
Condition: New