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Lucky you! Your kid has not once asked you for a puppy! While you see your friends struggling to think of reasons their children should NOT have a puppy (somebody’s got to walk it, puppies are a lot of work, etc.), you rest easy knowing your child does not want a puppy. Nope. Not even one bit…But that’s because your kiddo wants Pokémon, and LOTS of ‘em. Hmmm…somehow that seems like a lateral move, at best. At least with a puppy you know what you’re getting. Ah well. A Pikachu may be an OK pet to have around the house. You could save a bunch on your electric bill and they are (almost) always housebroken. Anyway, it sounds like your kiddo is pretty determined to become a Pokémon master, just like our pal Ash. So maybe allowing your kid to slip into this Child Deluxe Ash Costume may be enough of an thrill to table the whole “Pokémon pet” conversation for the time being. We make no promises, but this look IS pretty thrilling and your kid can live vicariously through Ash’s adventures. In fact, the moment we put it on, we totally forgot how much we wanted a pet potbelly pig, so that’s a great sign in your favor! And the resemblance is uncanny; no one will second guess that your child has transformed into Ash Ketchum, the Pokemon protagonist. That may be because your kid demonstrates an affinity for all things Pokemon, like Ash, but it also may be because this costume includes Ash’s signature baseball cap. No matter! Encourage your kid’s imagination (and not their dog walking skills) with this cute and classic Ash costume. And maybe start researching Pikachu obedience schools, just for good measure.

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