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Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge by ThinkGeek

Winner of Popular Science's Best of Toy Fair 2016 award!You won't be surprised to hear we love new games around here. At our holiday party, one room was dedicated to nothing but new board games. So when we realized we… Continue Reading →

Star Wars First Order Collared Tank – Deep Red, M

Which side have you chosen in the latest battle? Will you be a part of the First Order and take your place in a squadron of TIE fighters sent screaming into battle or will you choose the Resistance and find… Continue Reading →

Poké Ball Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing would bring us greater joy that putting everything we love inside a Poké Ball, where it could simply pop out the moment we call for it. "Hey cheesecake, hey Spock Prime, hey Firefly Season 2, come on out!" However,… Continue Reading →

Pokémon Poké Ball T-Shirt – Black, 3X

We never see a Pokémon Trainer with a bad arm. Some of these Pokémon aren't that big, people. The pinpoint accuracy these ten year olds have is ridiculous. Are you just going to walk within five feet of a Pidgey… Continue Reading →

Vinyl Sugar Marvel Dorbz

You can't help but love these little Marvel Dorbz figures from Funko's Vinyl Sugar. They're stylized little figures of your favorite Marvel characters, all making a sweet little eyes-closed happy face. Except for Deadpool, with a weird twitchy eye, like… Continue Reading →

Pokémon Bed-In-A-Bag – Full

Come on – you've thought about what it must be like inside the Poké Ball. Theories abound, but most of us picture it as a sort of "Jeannie's bottle" scenario (those of us old enough to know who Jeannie is,… Continue Reading →

Star Wars R2-D2 Print Ladies' Tank Dress – Blue, S

You probably don't recognize me because of the red arm. – C-3PO in Star Wars: The Force Awakens We laughed along with the audience at C-3PO's overdramatic quip about not recognizing him because of his red arm, but then we… Continue Reading →

Mass Effect N7 Princess Seam Dress – Multi, M by ThinkGeek

While you're waiting to add Mass Effect: Andromeda to your life, ThinkGeek Denver is here to add some Mass Effect to your closet. The Mass Effect N7 Capsule Collection gives you new options for when you don't want to be… Continue Reading →

Portable BBQ Grill Briefcase – Red

Have you ever dreamed of owning all the cool gadgets that Q gave to Bond? Did you always want a knife in your shoe, a ring that was also a camera, or chewing gum that turned into an explosive (only… Continue Reading →

Spider-Man Venom Spinner Ring – Size 12

A little symbiote goes a long way, but we have one that we promise won't leave your finger and, you know, travel up your arm to encompass you and give you crazy abilities. You're welcome. Or we're sorry. Either/or. This stainless… Continue Reading →

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