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Thanks to some pretty great movies, most of our favorite super heroes are common household names. Everyone knows about Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor, and we're even seeing some less popular heroes like Dr. Strange and Vision come to life.However, we're still not seeing one of our favorites, Captain Marvel. Originally Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers was an amazing pilot and fighter before she got hit by a Kree Psyche-Magneton device and inherited Kree superpowers. Now she's super fast, super strong, and can fly (which is pretty awesome). So of course we want to show our appreciation of this super lady, and what better way of doing so than to wear her colors? Our Captain Marvel Dolman Shrug combines the style of Captain Marvel with the comfort of a fashion shrug. This mostly cotton shrug comes in red and blue with antiqued lace accents, including an appliqued star on the back. It's very loose-fitting and comfortable, and an easy way to tip off other fans that we're on team Captain Marvel. Don't worry. Everyone else will catch up with your exceptional superhero tastes eventually.

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