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We love college football!There's a lot of reasons why we love college football of course. One of the main reasons? The players. We feel like the players are more genuine in college football. They're focused and driven (they have to be to keep those scholarships!) and they have a great sense of camaraderie and loyalty to their teams. It usually makes for some pretty intense games.Take Alabama's Crimson Tide, for example. This is one of the most decorated teams in college football. With over a dozen national championships and a bunch of other titles besides, you know that these guys are some serious footballers and probably a heck of a team. Which is why we're totally Crimson Tide fans. Please tell us you are too? Good. And your family, they like the Thin Red Line too, right? Even better! All the more fun when your entire family loves the team. You can all get excited, talk football together, and even dress up for the occasion! Speaking of which, if you have a kid that is excited to dress up for the big game, why not let them wear more than just a t-shirt? With this Alabama Crimson Tide Child Uniform, they can look like part of the team! It comes with a red mesh jersey with "Alabama Crimson Tide" printed on the front and iron-on numbers for the back. There's white pants and a red helmet to finish the ensemble (note: this isn't made for actual contact play). Your kid will be the biggest fan there is in this outfit. Ooh! The game's on! Yea Alabama!

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