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Are you constantly getting lost in large crowds? Do your friends have trouble finding you at events? Does your family frequently misplace you in busy areas? Well now you know how Waldo feels.Poor Waldo. He's got one of the most exciting lives ever, traveling through countries, cities, space, and time, yet still, he gets lost. Did you ever stop to think how badly Waldo must feel that he keeps getting lost? He gets lost so much that they've got hundreds of people hunting for him all the time! He was probably just trying to enjoy his day out exploring a new place and poof! Lost again and millions had to search.We're pretty sure this is exactly why he started wearing his iconic red-and-white striped shirt and hat (so that he'd be easier to find)! Unfortunately this doesn't seem to help as people still have issues finding him. We figured bright contrasting colors would hep, but regretfully it still takes us far too much time to find the lost Waldo. It's tragic really.But maybe Waldo's bright clothing will help your friends and family find you. Our Adult Deluxe Where's Waldo Costume ought to do the trick. It's got a red and white stripped sweater, a red and white hat with a red pom-pom on top, and of course black plastic glasses to complete Waldo's look. Yeah, okay, so maybe it hasn't worked the best for Waldo in the past, but maybe it'll work for you! You won't know for sure until you try.

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